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Scire Science Multidisciplinary Journal
ISSN : 2457-0575
Scire Science Multidisciplinary Journal
Scire Science Journal is multidisciplinary, open access, peer reviewed journal, which invites conscientious research of social relevance. A coherent structuring of the article as per the submission guidelines is to be strictly followed.
  • Research Articles
  • Short Communication
  • Review Articles
Subject areas for submission of Research articles /Short communications/ Review articles
Agricultural Science | Animal Sciences | Bioinformatics | Biochemistry | Biotechnology | Computational Biology | Environmental Science | Food Science | Microbiology | Plant Sciences | Social Science.

The authors (s)/ co-authors have sole responsibility for the content of the article(s). The advisory/editorial board or publishers will not take any legal responsibility for any content written/unintentional omission/error/plagiarism related to the published material.